Contested Adult Guardianships and Conservatorships

BRAWW works with individuals and families needing assistance in establishing a guardianship or conservatorship, as well as in litigation matters. There are many instances where a guardianship or a conservatorship may be in an individual’s best interest. The elder population is growing and people are living longer than in previous generations. Unfortunately, elder fraud is becoming more and more prevalent. In order to protect the interests of you or your loved one, creating a guardianship or conservatorship may be the best choice. The decision to establish a guardianship or conservatorship is critical because it will affect an individual for the rest of their life. BRAWW can assist you with a conservatorship (where a person is appointed by the court to make financial decisions for someone who is unable to take care of their money and property) or a guardianship (where a person is appointed by the court to make decisions for an incapacitated person regarding their health and safety).