Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy

Our litigation team maintains a broad commercial collection practice representing a wide range of collection needs. We have extensive experience representing financial institutions to enforce and collect commercial loans, security deeds and guaranties. When available, we aggressively pursue enforcement of our clients’ security interests in collateral property including real estate foreclosures, asset seizures of inventory and equipment, and enforcement of mechanics and materialmen’s liens.

Our attorneys are recognized experts in handling complex post-judgment collection and enforcement actions, including pursuing claims against debtors who improperly seek to hide assets or avoid their payment obligations. We make full use of all available collection procedures including both pre and post judgment garnishments, attachment and levy actions, and obtaining charging orders on partnership and LLC member interests. We also maintain an active bankruptcy practice ensuring that our clients’ interests are protected throughout the bankruptcy process and ensuring that any recovery through bankruptcy is maximized.

Whether enforcing a client’s lien rights, collecting a critical commercial account, or navigating a complicated bankruptcy, we are always mindful of our client’s bottom line. Throughout the collection process we apply a cost-benefit analysis to determine the most sensible strategy consistent with each client’s overall economic goals.

Representative Cases:

Successfully represented an employer in obtaining a pre-judgment garnishment against a former employee who committed acts of theft and conversion of employer’s assets.

Successfully represented a creditor to enforce a judgment in excess of $5 million in a case involving fraudulent transfers between closely held companies and family members.

Served as special counsel to bankruptcy trustee in Southern District of Florida to successfully prosecute claims against the debtor’s insiders to set aside and avoid fraudulent transfers.