ADR / Mediation / Arbitration

Traditional courtroom litigation is often time-consuming and expensive, and a lengthy court battle does not always serve the best interests of our clients. As a result, many of our clients’ legal disputes can be resolved through Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) which primarily includes non-binding mediation and arbitration proceedings. Mediation provides a forum for opposing parties to meet with a third party mediator who works to facilitate a voluntary settlement between the parties. In an arbitration proceeding one or more arbitrators serve as both judge and jury to decide the outcome of the case. While similar to traditional litigation, arbitration can often provide a less time consuming and expensive means to adjudicate legal disputes.

Our attorneys are experienced with all forms of ADR and have mediated and arbitrated dozens of cases in numerous ADR forums including JAMS and the American Arbitration Association. Our attorneys are also well-versed the myriad arbitration procedures available to litigants as well as the legal process sometime needed to compel opposing parties to participate in ADR. We work closely with our clients before and during litigation to determine whether ADR will provide an effective means to accomplish the clients’ goals. We also work with our business clients to incorporate ADR provisions into their contracts where appropriate, such as the American Arbitration Association’s forum procedures. Our experience finding creative solutions is demonstrated over the years, as several of our litigators are retained by other law firms to serve as Arbitrators and Mediators in their firms’ clients’ cases.

Representative Cases:

Won over half a million dollars from three arbitrator panel for Claimant, a physician member of an LLC, including attorney’s fees and expense, in a breach of contract, usurpation of corporation opportunity and breach of fiduciary duty action.

Won $350,000.00 award on jury verdict for Plaintiff, a national service company, and an additional $19,247.86 for attorney’s fees and expenses as discovery sanctions awarded by the Judge, in a breach of contract action. Judgment affirmed in Carrier Corp. v. Rollins, Inc., 316 Ga. App. 630, 730 S.E.2d 103 (2012).