Modification and Enforcement of Judgments

Situations in life change. You can’t control how others follow (or fail to follow) rules; sometimes people do not do what they are ordered to do. That’s why the seasoned family law attorneys at BRAWW represent clients seeking modification or enforcement of child support, custody, visitation, relocation, or spousal support (maintenance) provisions.

Modification of child support, alimony, custody or visitation is possible when there has been a qualifying change in circumstances, such as relocation by a party or a change in the economic conditions of one, or both, of the parties. Legal action to enforce a judgment can occur when one party fails to meet his/her responsibilities under a judgment, or ignores or fails to comply with a judgment. In either case, our firm has a record of successfully protecting our client’s interests in modification and enforcement cases.

Contact one of our attorneys today if you are in need of a modification to your child support, custody, visitation, relocation or spousal support provisions, or if your former spouse is failing to live up to their obligations under a prior order.