Credit Management, Bankruptcy and Replevin Law

When things don’t go as expected, quite a few individuals and businesses choose bankruptcy as a solution to their financial problems. Our bankruptcy attorneys have extensive experience representing secured and unsecured creditors, including financial institutions, in all types of bankruptcy matters. Our creditor clients understand that a bankruptcy filing does not necessarily eliminate all of the rights they may have to recover the amounts owed to them.

Bodker, Ramsey, Andrews, Winograd & Wildstein attorneys and staff understand that credit management and bankruptcy law is full of potential pitfalls and dead ends, and we are experts at helping our clients navigate these difficult areas and make informed decisions. The Bankruptcy Code and Rules are riddled with many short deadlines; therefore we give the highest priority to ensuring that we stay on schedule and communicate with our clients regularly so they are well informed and prepared each step of the way during the bankruptcy process. 

Our personal property foreclosure and replevin practice allows us to protect your interests both before and after bankruptcy proceedings. Replevin laws allow a person or business to recover personal property that has been wrongfully or improperly taken or is being withheld by debtors due to non-payment. These cases often run into numerous difficulties and complications that can impede the success of a case. Our attorneys and staff have the knowledge and experience to assist our clients in the recovery of property, and in identifying and locating the available assets. We  obtain the necessary writs and work to recover the property quickly and efficiently. Further, in conjunction with the identification of assets, our firm can provide guidance should our clients wish to seek a deficiency judgment to recover a monetary judgment for the balance due by debtors.

Whether enforcing a client’s lien rights, collecting critical assets, recovering property using replevin laws, or navigating a complicated bankruptcy, we are always mindful of our client’s bottom line. Throughout the collection process we apply a cost-benefit analysis to determine the most sensible strategy consistent with each client’s overall economic goals. As your advocates, we will always look out for your best interests and work to protect your assets and recover what is owed to you.